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Welcome to Leipzig-Schleußig
11 reasons to visit Leipzig

Reason 1: The city walk "More women on the pedestal!" during which you can, for example, learn more about Clara Schumann (see picture) and the widow Lejmann who was the owner of the restaurant Coffe Baum in the 18th century.


Reason 2: The world-famous boys of the St. Thomas Boys Choir. They sing three times a week in the St. Thomas Church: Fridays at 6:00 pm at the motet, Saturdays at 3:00 pm at the motet and cantata, Sundays at 9:30 am during church services as well as during religious holidays: Christmas, Easter, and Whitsun. A must see!

Reason 3: A visit to the lakeside sauna. Sweat in the hot steam bath and then cool down in the lake. In Leipzig, or more precisely at Cospudener Lake, this is possible. There is no better place to visit a sauna! Women sauna every Wednesday between 10:00 am and 1:45 pm.

Reason 4: A bicycle tour to the Cospudener Lake mentioned above. From the Clara House, you cycle through the Auewald forest for about half an hour until you reach the lake. In summer, you can swim here, climb the lookout tower Bistumshöhe, sit in the harbour cafe, go on a boat trip, go paddle boating, enjoy ice cream, and much more.
Reason 5: Inline skating on Anton Bruckner Avenue. The avenue is located close to the Clara House and is a popular meeting place. You can have a relaxing inline skating tour on the 1.6-kilometre-long asphalt road between the large fountain at the roundabout and the car park on Klingerweg. Since 2003, there is an extension of the so-called Nonne to Schleußiger Weg. So, do not stroll through the park at a walking pace, but with a speed of up to 20 or 30 km/h.

Reason 6: The zoo is the tourist magnet par excellence. Every year, 1.3 million guests visit the zoo, thus, Leipzig occupies the third position of zoos in Germany behind Berlin and Stuttgart. The main attractions are the newly opened Kiwara Savannah and the tiger twins Taimur and Tomak. Furthermore, Pongoland sets the standard for modern keeping of apes.

panometer Reason 7: "The sinking of the Titanic" in the Panometer Leipzig. Yadegar Assisis monumental 360° panorama.
Reason 8: The Leipzig Book Fair, every year in March the city is full, thousands of people flock to the fairgrounds and browse through new releases. Of course, there are also many readings and celebrities.

Reason 9: A boat trip on the rivers and canals of Leipzig. Schleußig is virtually located on an island surrounded by rivers. There are many boat rentals nearby. At the boat rental company Herold, you can, for example, enjoy watching sport activities on the Weiße Elster while having ice cream, coffee, and cake on the terrace. Kayaks and motor boats (all year) are also available for rental.

Reason 10: Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts. For the first time in many years, the civic art collection with 3,500 paintings, 1,000 sculptures and more than 60,000 drawings, prints, watercolours, and photographs is being presented to public. The history of the museum dates back to the founding of the Leipzig Art Association in 1837 in which wealthy citizens of Leipzig joined together with the intention of promoting art. The new museum near the historic town square is the first new Eastern German museum construction since 1945.

Reason 11: An excursion to the nearby Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The trip takes about one and a half to two hours by car; it can also be reached by train. You will experience a unique landscape and beautiful walks. Last but not least, Dresden, Florence on the Elbe, is always worth a day trip: Zwinger, the Old and New Masters Art Gallery, the reconstructed Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady), Pillnitz, and much more.
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The wildlife park is a popular hiking spot south of Leipzig. The 42-hectare large area is home to about 40 different species with around 250 animals. A special attraction for families with kids is the pet farm. The park (free) can be reached by tram line 9 in direction Markkleeberg or by bus line 107 in direction Zwickau.